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SozialMarie 2011 - Call for applications

 SozialMarie 2011 - Call for applications

We are – again – looking for people who run projects that respond with innovative solutions to changing socio-political conditions.
SozialMarie in 2011 will honour social innovation for the seventh time 'round. The aim of SozialMarie is to make innovative social ideas known to a broad public and to support networking between social projects. Award winning projects are to inspire imitation and to incite further development of their ideas.
NEW: This time, all nominated projects – a maximum of 35 – will be published from March 2011 onward on our website.
documents for applications 
Patrons: Gerald Schweighofer (Austria), Nora Winkler (Hungary)
The task of SozialMarie patrons consists in accompanying and/or supporting one of the prize winning projects over the following year.
Gerald Schweighofer, timber industrialist from Austria, is very happy to become patron of SozialMarie 2011 because for him these awards are unique. "I am impressed by how courageously SozialMarie transcends cultural and ethnic boundaries and how it also chips away at obsolete morals.“
Nóra Winkler, a well-known Hungarian presenter, journalist and auctioneer, is also very much looking forward to choosing one amongst the award winning projects to support. „I have seen how difficult it is for social organisations to be successful out in the world of potential sponsors while remaining committed to the organisation's own objectives. That is the reason why I have decided to become patron of SozialMarie 2011. I am very much looking forward to this cooperation.“
Are invited to submit:
All projects that deal with present day social problems – in a way that sets trends for the future – are invited to submit. The projects must have been tested in the real world and they must have a future – they must already be implemented at the time of submission and they must still be running. It is the project that is to be submitted and not the project bearing institution.
Eligible for submission are projects of the:
social economy (civil society initiatives, NGOs, NPOs, associations)
public administration
private sector
Eligible for submission are projects from anywhere in Austria and Hungary. In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany for practical reasons projects must not be more than 300km (as the crow flies) away from Vienna.
Submission Modalities, Time Limit, Formalities
Submission is possible from Wednesday 1st of December 2010 onwards. All relevant documents for participation must reach the contact address by Tuesday 15th of February 2011 at 24h00 at the very latest. Please do not submit the institution that carries out the project, but the project itself.
Selection of the winning projects happens in three phases. At first submitted documents will be reviewed to ensure that criteria are satisfied. Open questions can at this stage be addressed by telephone or email. Out of the projects submitted from Hungary, our Hungarian project evaluators Prof András Kelen and Nóra Somlyódy will select projects for a shortlist. From this shortlist and the other submitted projects Anna Thier and Bernhard Litschauer-Hofer together with the jury coordinator Petra Radeschnig MA will pre-select 25 projects for the jury. Each member of the jury can then nominate two further projects.
Out of these pre-selected 35 (at most) projects, the jury will then in a first round determine the 15 prize winning projects. Following this, the six or seven projects deemed most worthy of one of the three main prizes will be visited on site. After this, the jury will in a final round choose the three top prizes and the twelve 1,000 Euro-prizes.
Jury decisions are consensual. The jury's decisions are not contestable and there is no possibility of recourse to legal action.
Please complete the entry form in German or English and send it to Unruhe Private Foundation in time. Projects from Hungary are to complete the form in Hungarian for the Hungarian project evaluators and enclose an English or German translation.
Members of the Jury
Univ.Doz. Dr. Josef Hochgerner (Zentrum für Soziale Innovation), Helene Pumm (retired personnel developer Erste Bank), OMR DSA Sepp Schmidt (Fonds Soziales Wien), DSA Marlies Sutterlüty (Fachhochschule Campus Wien) and Barbara van Melle (freelance Journalist)
Coordination: Maga Petra Radeschnig
Award Ceremony
15 prizes with a total worth of 42,000 Euro!
Every year, outstanding socially innovative projects that strike by their innovative force and creativity compete for one of the 15 prizes endowed with 15,000 Euro (1st prize), 10,000 Euro (2nd prize), 5,000 Euro (3rd prize) and 1,000 Euro (12 prizes).
The public award ceremony will take place on 1 May 2010 at 18h00 in ORF Radio Kulturhaus, Argentinierstraße 30a, 1040 Vienna.
The Foundation
Promotion of art, science, research and innovation has moulded the activities of Unruhe Privatstiftung (Unruhe Private Foundation) since its establishment in March 2000.
Since 2005, Unruhe Private Foundation has every year awarded the SozialMarie prizes. With respect to science and art, one theme is dealt with for three years – at present Unruhe Private Foundation's topic is the "21st century's processes of distribution".
E-Mail: sozialmarie(at)
Postal address: SozialMarie, Prize for social innovation
                        Mittersteig 13/6,
                        A-1040 Vienna, Austria
Fax: +43 (1) 587 71 81 / 19
Do not hesitate to ask:
Tel. Vienna: +43 (1) 587 71 81-11
Tel. Hungary: +36 (30) 522 59 94
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